What to do if a car accident happens in your rental

Accidents are bound to happen whether you are in your own car or a rental car. If an accident occurs when you are in your own car, people have a definitive idea about what goes on after that. But if you have an accident occurs when you are driving a rental car, there is a huge headache that gets involved in the process.

First of all, if you are driving a rental, you will most definitely be in a different state or town or country, meaning which you will not be accustomed to the laws of that particular place. Most people would go into a whirlwind of confusion and could incur huge losses during that experience.

So here are a few things that you could follow with a step-by-step approach regardless of who caused the accident while you were in your rental car –

1. Always call the police:

People panic, and that is true. In the event, where a person gets injured during the accident, it is always the right thing to call the police. Report to the police while you call them with the necessary details on who is injured, the location and the state of the vehicle. Regardless of the customary laws in each respective place, calling the police is always a standard step when an accident occurs.

2. Exchange information:

If you find that the accident was caused by a second party, never hesitate to ask for their information, which should include their driver’s license, car insurance and contact details. If there are other passengers involved, you may as well collect their information too. To promote transparency, you might as well do the same by giving your information during the process. If there are witnesses in the vicinity of the accident, ask for their contact details as well. If the need for a trial comes, having witnesses by your side would be favorable.

3. Collect police report:

When the police arrive on the scene of the accident, ask the particular law enforcement officer for your own copy of the accident report. This is essential as you need to keep your own track record of the accident as well.

4. Call your insurance company:

This should be the immediate step which is calling your insurance company. Give them a detailed report about what happened to make all the necessary arrangements with your insurance company.

5. Documentation:     

Since you are in a place that is not your own taking pictures of the accident scene would be extremely helpful for any future use. Taking pictures of the road, the car, the surroundings or anything that you feel might be relevant to the accident would be commendatory.

6. Seek medical help:

Don’t wait until you get home to go to the doctor. Seek medical attention for any concussion or internal injury even if you feel like you are completely fine.

7. Report to the car rental company:

Report about the accident to the car rental company and do make sure that you follow protocol on how an accident needs to be reported to the company in case of such an event.